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When fire, flooding, hurricane, water, mold, sinkhole or other property damage disasters threaten to ruin your home, contact DriMaxx, your water damage experts and affiliate of the Water Damage Network.

Need an estimate? One of our water damage experts can be at your home immediately to help assess the damage.


Mold refers to more than million species of microscopic fungi. Mold spores are like seeds; they continually travel through indoor and outdoor air, germinating when they land on surfaces with excess moisture and an organic food source like carbon.

Building materials such as wood, carpet, insulation, and sheetrock and particle board are likely places for mold growth. Germination can happen within 48 hours, and some spores may remain viable for several years.


Upon arrival DriMaxx will conduct a through and comprehensive inspection of your property.

We employ the latest inspection tools such as thermal imaging cameras and video bore scopes to find hidden and trapped moisture in the building components of your structure.



Mold grows where excess moisture is present. A variety of conditions can cause moisture problems, including roof, window and plumbing leaks; condensation; flooding; and excess humidity (generally above 60% - 70%). Tightly sealed buildings, such as those constructed during the energy crisis 20-30 years ago, may be a fertile environment for mold because they do not allow moisture to escape easily. There is also documented evidence indicating a high level of mold problems in newly constructed buildings, due to poor construction practices or using modern, water-permeable building materials such as gypsum board, plywood and paper-type insulation.

Visible growth of mold or mildew, Musty odors, Discolorations on carpets, walls, floors, ceiling and windowsills, Building material deterioration, Health complaints, such as allergic reactions, respiratory problems or other mold-related symptoms.


Susceptibility of individuals to mold-related symptoms can vary, depending of the amount and type of mold and the length of exposure. People with weaker immune systems, such as infants, the elderly and the chronically ill, are most at-risk when exposed to mold.

A variety of physical symptoms have been associated with mold exposures through inhalation or skin contact:

  1. Nasal or sinus congestion, Sneezing and/or Asthma aggravation
  2. Dizziness and Headaches
  3. Eye irritation
  4. Sore throat
  5. Flu-like symptoms; Fatigue, Cough, Nausea, Skin irritation (rash or itching), Diarrhea. Chronic cases of mold exposure may develop pulmonary emphysema (a lung disease in which air sacs are destroyed, stretched or narrowed).


To prevent further and more serious contamination, mold must be properly located, identified, removed, detoxified and disposed. DriMaxx removes mold only after an independent industrial hygienist has completed his inspection, reviewed sampling test results and recommended remediation. Then, DriMaxx…

  1. Reviews the clean-up protocol provided by the industrial hygienist.
  2. Develops a customized plan incorporating a removal strategy that (a) locates the moisture source, (b) corrects the problem and (c) removes mold by cleaning and disposal…all with minimal disruption of occupant routines.
  3. Reviews the removal plan with the remediation crew and discusses work procedures with occupant(s).
  4. Builds the appropriate containment chambers and incorporates negative air pressure techniques to limit cross-contamination (via airborne spores) during cleaning and removal.
  5. Seals porous materials in double-thick polyethylene plastic bags and loads them for disposal.
  6. Cleans non-porous materials with antimicrobial cleaning solution, dries them thoroughly, and uses high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) vacuums to remove 99.97% of all airborne particles.
  7. Dries wet, non-moldy materials to prevent mold growth.
  8. Runs air scrubbers (to filter air) for 24 hrs. to ensure remediation effectiveness.

After the remediation, DriMaxx asks the industrial hygienist to repeat his tests. If the cleaning and removal has been successful, indoor mold levels will be lower than outside levels and clearance will be granted.